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We endeavor to satisfy our aphorism “बात तो बेशक क़्वालिटी की है” each and every time with premium quality.

About Madhushree Tea

We bond and indulge over tea



Madhushree is a premium quality tea brand owned and managed by Shiv Kumar Sushil Kumar Tea Enterprises Private Limited since 1986. In India, tea is not just any other regular beverage. It marks the beginning of another day in our lives. We bond and indulge over tea. A cup of Madhushree Tea’s extraordinary flavour and aroma fills you with energy and newness that gives your day a great start. It is a blend of CTC and orthodox tea leaves procured from highest quality tea producing estates of Assam. The directors of our organisation, who are also the master blender, have an in-depth knowledge about tea. They tastes numerous teas from different estates and then approves the ones that matches or exceeds our set quality standards. We endeavour to satisfy our aphorism “बात तो बेशक क़्वालिटी की है” each and every time with premium quality products. The adoration of our unwavering consumers also reflects in the market share of our product that is roughly 80% in our region (Hadoti, Rajasthan) of supply.


  • Highest Quality
    Highest Quality
    Sourcing leaves from the finest tea gardens
  • Pure Taste
    Pure Taste
    No added flavor, only pure taste of tea.
  • Wide Assortment
    Wide Assortment
    Experience a wide variety of flavors
  • Finest Packing
    Finest Packing
    Offers a finest quality and long term durability
  • Unique Blend
    Unique Blend
    Unique blend of Assam CTC teas
  • Irresistable Aroma
    Irresistable Aroma
    Powers you with restorative deliciousness

Surprised senses every morning

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Corporate Social Responsibility
Benchmark Initiative

The organization’s relationship with social works has been long. The primary centre is to run a profitable organization alongside full responsibility towards the upliftment of  society, country and the environment.