Divya Vijay
Business Analyst

Hello, I absolutely love Madhushree tea. I have introduced my workplace to your tea and they are loving it as much as me. I plan to increase my tea supply. Thanks for a great product.

Varsha Goswami
Business Development Manager

I saw the advertisement on Facebook and decided to order. I must say that I have not regretted it at all. All the teas are pure and unadulterated, and have amazing taste. I will stick to your brand from now on. Nothing could be better than a pure cup of tea.

Netrika Singh
Accounts Manager

After see the ad on newspaper, I decided to get a small bit of Madhushree Chai. I think I will be hooked for life. It’s SO good in my daily smoothies and I get so much natural sustained energy from just a small amount of Madhushree chai ! Thank you so much for my order!!!

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